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Hey, I'm Wap. This is my journal. It's published on the Neon Kiosk. Welcome!

2022-07-13 - lofi

I'm listening to lofi hip hop beats for the first time. It's an interesting experience. It's fun to see that there's an actual chat next to the video (image, really). People are having conversation amidst the flood of spam. Looks like there's a wholesome community. For example, this person:

TheExpanic: ​You're all awesome! Enjoy your day/night ❤

The music itself is really calming. I might head back there from time to time. In the meantime, hope you all enjoy your day/night! <3

2022-07-09 - no more covid

So I just took another test and the good news is that I don't have covid anymore! Woohoo. However, I still can't really taste anything, and the cough is still there. Not perfect, but at least I get to be able to go out a little bit. I hope the taste will come back soon, because it's really concerning. I love food wayy too much. Can't imagine not being able to taste for a long amount of time. I've always taken "taste" for granted. Now I realize how lucky we are to be able to taste things. So if you read this, go chew a gum, drink a coffee, eat a cookie and enjoy what it takes like, because you never know what's gonna happen to your taste!

2022-07-07 - tastelessly

Wow, corona has completely changed my perception of taste. Because it's been more than 2 weeks without a single drop of alcohol, I decided to get myself a very tiny glass of whisky. Just two sip. I'm still sick and I'd rather my body focuses on fighting the good fight. But I figured I might use a little morale boost. And guess what? It's tasteless. I'm drinking it right now. Here's the process: I take the sip. The whisky is in my mouth. It doesn't taste like anything. Crazy, no?

two random strangers on the internet who happened to start writing journals, be off, be ill at the same time.

Haha I love those simple coincidences. Now I feel much less alone. :) Cheers to our holidays!

2022-07-07 - feeling better

I just had a restful night for the first time in 5 days. So that's worth celebrating with some good coffee. Waking up refreshed is a feeling I had almost forgotten. I'm glad I feel better, but at the same time, I know Covid takes more than 5 days to go away and I'll stick inside for at least another week.

What a bummer, honestly. Really wished those little vacations I took could be spent differently. Such as is life I guess! On the good side: it gives me a great excuse to spend time with myself. Something I wasn't able to do so much in the last few years. It's strange to have so much time on your plate. I forgot how to deal with it. I think I even got bored yesterday.

I have this massive cold that doesn't seem to want to go away, and that is really annoying me, because I feel like it's preventing me from concentrating. It is also causing me to sneeze suddenly and violently - I almost fell from my chair earlier!

Hope you get to feel better soon! It's so annoying to really want to do something, but somehow don't have the right energy level. I'm mostly a night owl, but those days I can't stay up past 10pm, after what my eyes close by themself. Which really annoys me because what comes after is my favorite moment of the day!

2022-07-05 - covid

So it turns out it is covid. I'm not too surprised, but I really thought I dodged a bullet by never having it since the start of the pandemic. I wanted to get tested to make sure, and now I am. I guess it's alright. I got all the vaccines and hopefully it will go away in a few days. At least I get to experience it for real. It just sucks that I'm on vacation and literally started to feel the symptoms day 1 of my vacation. Why are you against me, universe? I just feel extra tired all the time now, and the nights are not restful... which is such a shame when I see how amazing the weather is outside. I'm literally dreaming to sit down at a cafe and write an entry in this journal from there. I just need to way a few more days to be able to do that.

2022-07-04 - party

There's a huge party going on, but unfortunatly, it's going on for the upstairs neighbors. The table my computer screen is on is shaking as they are jumping around. The music is soo loud. I couuuuuuld go up, ring, say "excuse me, would you mind lowering the sound and stop jumping, I'm trying to enjoy being alone", but there's no way I'm doing it. I don't like conflict, so I'll just vent here instead!

Took me ages to do as the govt website feels like it's the 90s again. I remember having more fun last month when I had surgery.

This made me chuckle! I generally love when websites have those 90s vibes, but when you mix "government websites" and "90s" in the same sentence, the pain gets real!

2022-07-03 - feeling a little better

I felt really bad most of the day. And all of a sudden it started to feel better. I guess that's the beauty of the immune system? I still feel sick, but fever has gone down a lot. Or at least I think. I don't feel terrible anymore.

2022-07-03 - tiiiired

My night was an absolute disaster! I wasn't able to sleep, even though I tried a lot. I think I managed to get one or two hours, but woke up around 3am with eyes wide open and no way to get back to sleep. So I stood up and started to go somewhere else, thinking that I really need to get more hours of sleep if I want to enjoy this day. But no. Just couldn't get any more. I forced myself back to the bed to try again but to no avail. I guess coffee will be my friend today. I still feel sick and I hope it's not corona.

2022-07-02 - trying to sleep

So I tried to sleep but I couldn't. So I tried harder. I tried the meditation trick where I focus on my breath and count them up to 10. Not sure why, usually it does it but this time it doesn't. Still feeling sick so maybe it's linked? I figured if I can't sleep I can't force it, right? I should find something else to do until I get more tired. Thing is, I'm not sure what to do. So checking the internet it is!

2022-07-02 - 20:54

Well, just finished eating and am ready to sign off. I think? I sort of want to be tomorrow already. Still feeling sick so I hope this won't impact my night and that I'll be able to sleep. My hope is that I sleep so well that I wake up all rested. But that never happens, does it? One can dream!

2022-07-02 - 19:05

This journal is now included on the The Neon Kiosk, a sweet little place to read HTML Journals from other folks too. Does it mean this journal is gonna be read? Maybe!

2022-07-02 - Later in the day

Feeling a little better, which is good! I'm excited to be tomorrow. Been waiting for that time for a while now. It feels strange to be so close to it. I hope I won't feel sick and will be able to enjoy the whole day, which is set to be quite intense!

Not quite the evening yet, but already feeling hungry. Maybe I'm just bored? I know I tend to get hungry when I get bored. To be honest, I'm not sure which activity to do. I like writing. So maybe that's a good enough activity. What do YOU do when you're bored? It's been a long time since I haven't felt bored actually. Life gets by so fast at times. It's strange to feel it slow down to a point where I'd almost which it went by faster.

I had taken a nap earlier, which fixed my headache. But I'm not sure it's fully gone. My headaches are mostly annoying, but nowhere as sever as it is for some people. Someone I know tend to have much more intense headache than I have. When I have a headache it could mean I'm tired, I'm stressed, or I hadn't had enough coffee. Maybe a combination of all of these.

2022-07-02 - Sometime in the afternoon

I feel a little sick. Well, not little... I feel sick. :( I hope it's nothing serious. I don't know if I have fever or not, let's check. Well, it turns out I do not, which is good! However, I just took some vitamins. Hope it will help a way or another.

I'm not sure why I'm starting this journal specifically, nor if I'm going to be updating it much. But I find it relaxing to write stuff and put it out there. A message in a bottle of sorts. I'm not expecting anything to happen with that. But if you are reading this, then we're connecting. In its own way, that's freaking cool. Nice to meet you. I'll be probably back later!